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Allow me to introduce you to Alexander “Alex” Gomez a very talented young man that is gifted in both photography and videography.  Interview on his work, goals and his love for travel and Christ!

1. What is your Mission Statement?

My mission as a photographer / videographer is to capture the special moments in life as well as the beauty that this world offers us. The visual arts are a universal language that we can all appreciate. My main focus is on videography because I feel you can evoke so many emotions in the viewer through visuals as well as through the selection of music.  Ultimately I hope I can inspire others through my work.
2. When did your love for photography and videography start?
I had a couple of friends back in Monterey, CA that did videography, specifically for the automotive industry and I had always admired their work but I had never thought of actually doing it myself. When I moved out to San Diego I was working with my friend Andrew Espinoza and I saw on his Instagram a few short videos and I really liked them. He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Once I learned the basics through him I realized that it was something a had a passion for and I bought my first camera. After I bought my camera I taught myself how to edit by watching youtube videos. Through practice and trial error my skills have improved but I’m always learning. This is my passion and I love it because I don’t think of it as work.
3. What do you plan to do in the next 10 years in photography / videography?
For now I just hope to keep learning and growing but my dream job would be to be able to work for a company where I can travel and create content based on the journey as well as the companie’s product. I would love to be able to work for a music artist and go on tour documenting their journey and their fans who make it all possible. Eventually I would like to open my own studio and grow my passion into my profession.
4. Which locations / places inspire you to create?
Honestly, ever since I discovered my passion I also discovered the true beauty in this world. By viewing things from a different perspective or angle you can find inspiration in almost anything. I tend to be attracted towards nature and I’m lucky to live in San Diego because we get the most gorgeous sunsets which I love to photograph. I also like to document my travels so that I can inspire others to travel and experience the amazing people, different cultures, nature, foods, and wonders of this world.
5. What is your favorite food?
I can’t really answer this question because I love food haha. I have worked in restaurants since I was 16 years old and it instilled in me a love for food and wine. I’ve been blessed enough to be able to travel and try different cuisines and amazing food. If I had to pick a favorite cuisine I would have to say it would be Italian. I went to Italy in 2015 and the food was amazing to say the least. Even though I love Italian food I get cravings for all sorts of different foods constantly and I’m not happy until I satisfy that craving haha.
6. What is your favorite bible verse?
There are so many wonderful verses in the bible and different verses speak to me depending on what is going on in my life. One verse that has been on my mind lately because of all the violence that has been going on is:
“Let us motivate one another to acts of love and good works”
Hebrews 10;24
I think that we can motivate and inspire each other to love and to bring us together as brothers and sisters.
7. Which photographer / videographer inspires you?
There are so many talented people out there creating amazing content but Sam Kolder is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. He works for a company called Beautiful Destinations and he travels the world documenting his journey. His videos are amazing and they really push me to improve my skills. Also an up and coming videographer I really admire is Tyler Bailey, he got his start by getting featured on Sam Kolders page after winning a contest. Tyler’s videos make the audience feel like they are really a part of the journey, it really draws you in. Ultimately though I get inspiration from a lot of people and my work is a collection of small bits of and pieces of inspiration from different sources woven together with my own special touch.
I was so excited to collaborate with Alex that the perfect locations to photograph would be at the Presidio Park in San Diego, CA.  In the photo below I am wearing black Kate dress from The Line By K.
Both shoes and black earrings are from Rosegal.  The blue pashmina scarf gives it such a elegant touch.

Look book Video by AG Films

When Alex emailed me the photos and video… I became speechless that he has eye to detail and capture the essence of nature.

Thank you again to Alex and praying that all of your dreams and goals come true.

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