Bonding with a Teenager

Bonding with a Teenager

“My mami pushes me to be the best I can and beyond!  When I fall and tumble she tells me to lick my wounds and keep moving forward.” Chef ZAM

Raising a millennial in the 21st century can be a little overwhelming. For me I grew up being first generation Salvadoran-American being fluent in both Spanish and English. I would always think to myself in high school, “When I grow up and became a mother; I will respect my child and make sure that I will allow them to express themselves.” This was something I felt I didn’t really receive and wanted from both of my parents growing up.  I feel very blessed for having the opportunity to take child development courses in college and working with at-risk teens and young adults.  I am not “Perfect Patty” and at times I have failed, but learned from my mistakes to be the best youth advocate and apply different methods for parenting.

My daughter has just turned 13 and there have been many discussions, debates and a lot of encouragement.  In times where I had disciplined her there has been a lot of lessons to encourage her not to redo the same mistakes. I always share this impactful quote…. “To Evolve is to grow and learn.”  My daughter is a fantastic little human being and would also consider her a little adult (due to being the only child).  She cooks, acts, sings, encourages and dances. She also stands up to the bullies when they pick on the kids who are seen as “nerdy” or “unpopular.”  One thing that I am working on is her rolling of eyes and temper, which she has inherited from me due to my actions. I am learning to lead by example by talking more and not raising my voice or being more calm.

When we even call our children “bad” or use discouraging words, we need to look at ourselves and ask ourselves, “Do I behave like my child?” Once you realize that you maybe part of the problem and change your behavior or tone, you will see a change in your children and the environment.  Parenting is not an easy task but one goal that every parent is to raise a healthy, empathetic and loving teenager.

Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged. Colossians 3:21



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