Dear Zoe – El Salvador- Day 1

Dear Zoe – El Salvador- Day 1

Dear Zoe,

I arrived to the El Salvador airport and waited for immigration to approve us as tourists. We had to answer questions on our purpose of our trip and we came across a traffic light that had a button when you press it; would give you green to pass and red to be searched. Both your tia and I, got a green light to pass. Thank you Jesus!

We both went outside and looked for Tio Adonay. I heard a familiar voice, “Cipota! Quitate los lentes no seas malcradia.” means “Girl! Take of you glasses do not be rude.” I jumped for joy and held him tight and greeted him with a kiss. I saw the same tio (my father figure) smile and helped us with luggage and also my cousin Anibar was there and our interpreter on some “caliche” words.  We walked to the parking lot and got in my tios’ car and I rode the back with Tio. He gave me an introduction on the beauty of El Salvador and how proud he is of our country. How we have the best coffee, gorgeous beaches and the best fruits and vegetables that we cannot found in the USA. As the wind blew in my face I felt joy and excitement.

In San Salvador the city my tio and tia lives it reminds me of part of Los Angeles… where it has a lot of the latino influence. Tios’ home is really rustic and chic.

My tia came and hugged us and had snacks of jocotes and green mangos. Which are my favorite fruits from El Salvador.

I also meet his team that help my Tios’ business as they prepared frozen burritos for gas stations in El Salvador.

Tio Adonay prepared some corn tamales which it was so delicious and it is something that we cannot get in the states.

After we ate Anibar invited us to go to a ice cream parlor that had the best ice creams but two flavors I wanted were gone :(. We spoke of our childhood experience on being Bonilla and watched many Salvadorans around us interact.  

Then it became evening and we went to a beautiful volcano mountain and ate at a restaurant called Las Brumas Grill Cafe.

The view was beautiful to see the lights of the city and the food was “ok”.  We had fondue cheese that we almost chocked on and Tio made me laugh calling it “chicle” which means gum.  The pupusas was not the best. 🙁

My tias’ cooking is better than to the restaurant food in El Salvador and the customer service sucks!  Other than that it was a true fun time with the family.

I love you my Zoe!

Love Mami… Besitos!

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