For You Zoe

For You Zoe

My Dearest Zoe,

I have been directed from my heart to take one of the life changing trips that we will both learn about your paternal great- grandmother Catalina…

Growing up I never heard any stories of this beautiful woman only that she passed when your papa’ Orlando was young. He would dodge many questions I had about her due to it being so painful and one thing I do know that this woman was the love of my father’s life. This year at the age 35 your papa’ Orlando shared that on our death bed she accepted Jesus as her savior, was a fashion designer, and an amazing cook. Your papa’ Orlando also stated that she had dark hair and light skinned like me. For once in my life I felt connected to her. I will be visiting El Salvador to learn more about here, where she lived, where she grew up and where she lays a sleep.

I thank my father figure your great uncle “Tio Adonay” whom will be helping me with this adventure.

As your father and I, have raised you to be proud of your African and Salvadoran roots.  I know that in this world they will look at you as a Afro-Latina.  But, I want you to learn one thing that in your veins you carry blood of queens.  From Mama Nene (My Mother…your grandmother)

and Tita (My Grandmother… your great-grandmother)

these two women shaped me to be the woman that I am today and I will pass down their counsel and wisdom down to you; as you will one day pass down to our descendants.




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I am anxious and nervous but I have decided that when I visit El Salvador I will be taking a leave of absence of social media. Will be taking pictures and learning not only about your bisabuela Catalina but our Salvadoran culture.


The day has come and patiently waiting to board the airplane from Los Angeles to Panama then final destination El Salvador.


Inside the plane and decided to watch the movie, “How To Be A Latin Lover.” It was funny movie and after the movie finished I was sleeping like a baby. 


The Next Day

In this picture are a group of young Salvadoran women helped a elderly Salvadoran woman.  The elderly lady was traveling by herself and they all came to the rescue to help her.  A great acts of kindness that my grandmother always put in my heart that the young should always help the elderly and in payment they will gain wisdom.

Panama to El Salvador

Tia Sharon looking out the window… Almost there!

I meet this beautiful lady… Sister Veronica she is from Santa Ana, El Salvador and she was able to share about her journey as she decided to become a nun, Monsieur Oscar Romero, and educated me that Salvadoran do not like to be called Indians (Indians are people from India) but Indigenous “Nahua-Pipil” “Lencas” and “Cacaopera”.

Be ready we will be doing some research on these different tribes.

I love you so much mi hija and more to come.




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