LAFW (Sunday, October 8, 2017)

LAFW (Sunday, October 8, 2017)

DAY 3! Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) gave me backstage access and I was able to witness the preparation of hair, make up and nails for the models.   It was amazing to see the models getting ready and staff pressing the garments for the Nordic Angels by M. Hakkinen. Unfortunately, I was not able to interview Designer M. Hakkien, but I did see the hard-work, preparation that it takes for a designer and a team of people to glam and get the models ready before the runway show.  

This gorgeous model and I are chiffon twins! I’m a miniature model (definition of blogger) 😛

Getting my hair done before the runway show with hairstylist from Living Proof, Inc.

Nordic Angels by M. Hakkinen

The best way I can describe this collection is just imagine Alice in Wonderland playing dress up in The Mad Hatters’ and Queen of Hearts’ closet.  She gets married in a butterfly dress.  This collection had me amazed with colors of Black, White and Red. It was a great way to open the night!

Byo by Tommy Ambiyo Tedji

The Byo collection had many colors from the color wheel with vibrant tops that looked with feathers and beautiful handbags that matched the top.  After the runway show, I was able to interview Tommy. The first question I asked him was what material did he use for the tops? He stated that it was plastic and latex! To my surprise I thought he used fabrics and collected different feathers.  I was in AWE that Tommy had such a skill to create feathers and other patterns using plastic/latex!

The Rest of Interview…

BLP: What age did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

BYO: When I was little I was into Art and I knew I wanted to do something in Art.  When I was in high school I wanted to be a movie maker and I tried making a movie it was not easy and it was not me.  After graduating high school; fashion accessorizing design continue to come in my life and I studied it that is when I knew I wanted to be a fashion accessory designer.

BLP: Are you wanting to specialize only in accessories for the BYO brand?

BYO: My goal is to make ready to wear accessories clothing and the message that I wanted to feature in the runway show.  You do not need a accessory but the clothing is the only accessory you need.

BLP: What do you love to eat?

BYO: I love Indonesian food first and second Italian food.

BLP:  Which country inspires you and love?

BYO:  It is not a country but I love California the vibe is so nice.

BLP: Which designer inspires you?

BYO: Its not really a designer whom inspired me but a film maker his name is David Fincher his technique in film and I want to translate my creations into fashion like Fincher.  David Fincher’s movies uses music by Composer Trent Reznor and as a tribute I use the music composed by Trent Reznor for my fashion shows.

BLP:  Who is your hero?

BYO: My parents are my hero. Both of my parents are not Artists. My dad is a Engineer works for a oil company and my mother is a Doctor.  They both had no idea what to do with me and they inspire me and support my dream of becoming a designer.

BLP: If you could describe your empire in three words what would it be?

BYO: Experimental, Open-Minded, and Love!


The statement of the Lotuz is… An Indonesian High End Ready to Wear brand, encapsulates the spirit of modern women like a lotus, which never loses its beauty in a murky pond, the modern woman graces every day.

The runway show had many elegant pieces, gowns, high quality material of creating timeless creations with a touch of athletic apparel with sneakers.  I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Surjaputra designer for Lotuz.

BLP: What inspired you to become a designer?

MS: I have always loved fashion when I was in New York and lived there for 16 years.  I studied Econ and Finance, but I would intern at the New York Fashion Weeks.  When I was a child I was really artsy. I did graffitti and sketches.  Fashion design was the best way that I can express my emotions and inspire others.

BLP: When I saw your models come out with your collections it reminded me of a fashionable women that plays sports. I imagine this powerful woman taking a shower in the gym locker room after her work out and she says, “I am going to have sex with my husband?”  #FashionSEX A sexy-tomboy!  Would you say your collection sent that message?

MS: For sure! Right now street wear is really in and Lotuz has always been for that working women.  Especially, back in Indonesia 5 years ago women would need to go to work in heels but that has changed when many work enviroments have allowed women to wear sneakers and I wanted to add that element to my fashion show.

BLP: Who is your hero?

MS: My parents because my mom is right in front of me. 🙂 I would not be who I am today for my mom and dad.  They both have really supported me in my dreams and goals.

BLP: What do you like to eat?

MS:  I love chicken roll, which is a asian fried chicken mixed with international sauce.

Thank you again to the LAFW staff for allowing me to get backstage-VIP access to the runway show and to interview these talented designers.

Photography by S. Lindsay Bonilla

I am wearing a black tulle skirt from Ami Club Wear, Zara shoes, and shirt from Leone

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