Take A Break

Take A Break

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a blogger is when your computer does not work, photoshop or unable load any photos onto your blog.  This was my problem and this problem became a blessing to be able to  focus and take a little break from social media.  I remember from a training I read on how using many social media platforms are linked to depression and anxiety risk.

There are days that I allow my phone to die and take a break from my computer and television.  I remembered when I was a child the only thing that would distract me would be the TV and once my mother got upset I would go in the world of reading. I can honestly say that I miss those days.

Even last night I watched an episode of Blackish 

Where the mom takes away the Ipad and the phones that the children start working and bonding over a puzzle.  It reminded me that those little moments of being present with that special someone is what matters or even being aware of the nature around is so important.  I am planning when I go to El Salvador I will be taking a break from social media and only taking pictures and when I come back I will share my journey.

So My Lillys! For your mental health put the phone away and fast from Instagram, Facebook or even Youtube.  Do something that you have never done before like hike, cook that gourmet meal or take a walk with that special loved one.  It so worth being in the present!


Blue Lilly Pad


Photography by Maireinz

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