The Line By K by Karla Deras

The Line By K by Karla Deras

Karla Deras is a beautiful-stylish blogger with an amazing bod and has taken vintage classic pieces to the next level in the blogging game.  What I have learned Karla’s philosophy after chatting with Karla via Instagram and following her blog for years.  She shared with me after a conversation I had with her that I was losing weight around my stomach to fit better in the Nude Cleo Dress I purchased from her online store The Line By K

Karla wrote the following:  “Omg 🙁 don’t want you to feel you have to lose weight to look good in the clothes.  The point is for the clothes to make you feel good regardless of what your end goals is for your body or where you’re at in your fitness journey!”

I had to do a self analysis on myself and ask myself the question, “Am I working out to look better in clothes or working out because I want to be healthy?”  It was a turning point that loving my stretch marks, my curves and to stop comparing myself to other woman.  Tell myself that I am beautiful and I decided to workout for my health not for future fashion blog posts.

Nude Cleo Dress from The Line by K
Rose Gold Heels from Ami Club Wear
Black & White Louis Vuitton Handbag from Trendlee

Karla does such a great job of using beautiful models with different shapes to represent her brand and that all women are beautiful if you have a hourglass, spoon, pear, apple, or banana figures.  This is a tribute to this beautiful woman whom has taught me an important lesson; to rock the body I have and that I am smoking hot. Thank you again Karla for your kind words.  This is the lesson that I have taught my daughter but I have to confess I have not applied it until now.

today I'm stressed n overwhelmed, but here's a photo of me when I was feelin on top of the world ⛓

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Many of us struggle with our bodies due to media but I want to encourage you as you read this just as Karla encouraged me.





Photography by S. Lindsay Bonilla

In this post was in collaboration with Ami Club Wear and Trendlee All opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all Blue Lilly Pad collaborations!


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