Warner Bros Tour

Warner Bros Tour

My husband and I, we are both huge fans of the behind the scenes when it comes to movies, productions and TV shows. Last year, we had season passes to Universal Studios and we all decided that it would be perfect to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour. We purchased the tickets 1 month in advanced and we had to schedule a time and date. The tour lasted about 3.5 hours and allow us to share our experience with pictures.

The Family getting in line to line up for the tour (We only waited for 10 minutes)

The famous Warner Bros Water Tower

The Tour bus seated a total of 9 people (including our tour guy, Matt)

My hubby with a very heavy, red fire hydrant 

Wearing my outfit and my new tee from ChristLife clothing

The tour also had sets where they filmed scenes from New York, California, Chicago and so much more! Houses and Diners…

We went to a set that looked like a museum with two levels. The downstairs had statues from both Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Clothing and comic books.

The upstairs level had Harry Potter sketches, clothing and also the huge display of an actual Aragog (Spider) which was a little overwhelming for any person afraid of spiders.

We also went to the sets for both Fuller House and The Big Bang Theory. We do not have any pictures it was kinda classified. 🙁 

This set was magical. It had Bat Mobiles and so much more. Isn’t it Pretty?

Stage 48 has an array of props from famous movies like Indiana Jones and so much more.  It reminded me of an antique shop.

Lastly, was the hands-on exhibit that had costumes, drawings and even a batman motorcycle that had a green screen where you can have the experience of being batman. Both Chef ZAM and my brother were BATMAN.  Here is the proof!

The only thing we did not like is when we saw the same clip that gave 4 different times in regards to sound from the movie, “Gravity.”  It stressed us all even my poor brother.

Warner Bros Studio Tour was such fun experience and we are so thankful that we were able to see the behind the scenes of what it takes to create a movie and the team.

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